China’s leading solid wood furniture retailer – creating healthier, environmentally-friendly homes furnishings.

Yeswood’s story began in 2011 when its husband and wife founders, Mr. And Mrs. Zhang, started a family. The happy couple were excited to welcome their new baby, but wanted to furnish their home with high-quality, sustainable and safe furniture. Sadly, their experience shopping for furniture in China was a frustrating one. The products available on the market were dull, expensive and not eco-friendly.

Having found that solid wood was inherently safe and environmentally friendly, the founders decided to focus on furniture made from this material. Unfortunately, there was little to no examples of solid wood contemporary furniture in the market. So, through sheer ingenuity, they began to make their own.

Realizing the potential market for their furniture, they began selling their products on Tmall, China’s largest e-commerce marketplace. Within five months, Yeswood became the biggest company of its category on the platform, and has steadily risen through the ranks over the past ten years.

A of 2021, Yeswood had over 10,000 SKUs to choose from, demonstrating excellence in their supply chain. From tables to beds to sofa, each product offers unbeatable quality to cost value that is attractive to their customers.

Year Invested 2020
Investment Theme Online Brand – funiture
Deal type Proprietary


Yeswood stands at the confluence of two major themes that we like: increased focus on improving the home environment, and a desire for increased quality and trust in products. Yeswood is meeting the needs of a generation where cheap furniture is no longer good enough – home products must be quality and stylish.


As part of our comprehensive coverage of the home goods category, Genbridge constantly monitors top players in the household durables sector. With its longstanding reputation as the #1 solid wood furniture brand in China, we were eager to partner with Yeswood as the company’s first outside investor. Our investment provided Yeswood’s founders with confidence and fresh funding to consolidate market share through the Covid-19 pandemic. With our fundraising expertise and multi-channel retail experience, GenBridge is working closely with Yeswood to scale the company’s operations and secure fresh growth capital.


China’s consumer market has shifted significantly over the past few years – today’s consumer is more demanding, with a higher disposable income and a growing desire to purchase quality. The rise of Yeswood is a perfect example of what the new generation of young Chinese consumers want from modern brands: a combination of Chinese cultural elements, aesthetics, craftsmanship, and ease of purchase.