Environmental, social and governance

GenBridge ESG

As a consumer specialist, we have committed to being an environmentally and socially responsible investor since inception in 2016. Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) has been ingrained into the full lifecycle of our funds. As part of our routine ESG work, we continue to optimize our ESG management process. Constant change and challenge remind us of the importance of being sustainable. And our ESG system and the philosophy of “Providing Value Beyond Investment” helps us become more resilient and capable of working through the complexity and challenges.

ESG Initiative

We empower our portfolio companies to act more on ESG by upgrading and launching the GenBridge ESG Initiative. This is GenBridge’s core ESG doctrine representing the key ESG subjects to which we pay close attention and customized for China consumer companies.

ESG Management
Nature and Culture


GenBridge has developed the Sustainable Investment: Environmental and Social Management System Policies and Procedures Manual. The manual illustrates the Environmental and Social Management System (ESMS) of GenBridge, including objectives, principles, investment appraisal and supervision procedures, organization and responsibilities, and ESG reporting.

Previous ESG Annual Reports

Report 2019

Report 2020

Report 2021 / 2022

Case studies

ESG Practiced in Real-world
by Portfolio Companies

Case study: Qiandama

A pilot ESG research on Qiandama


Pioneering “100% sold daily” model, Qiandama is the No.1 neighborhood-based fresh produce retailer in China, ensuring daily guaranteed freshness to customers. Due to Qiandama’s innovative community store model bringing customers from heavily trafficked supermarkets to served communities, millions of customers could do their daily shopping locally by green traffic instead of high-carbon transportation, which reduce massive carbon emissions integrally . Our research has found that annal carbon emission saved by opening 3500 Qiandama stores equals to the effect of planting 1.1 million trees.

Case study: Xueji

Xueji ESG Case Study

Xueji Pastries and Snacks is involved in processing and sale of snacks with its innovative products and a “try-before-you-buy” instore experience model.

Brand Influence
Sales Platform
Xueji Supported Local Government of Huairen Town on Modernization of the Sweet Potato Processing Industry
Guided the construction of a high-quality sweet potato production base.
Led local industry to build up a complete and modernized manufacturing process to extend the sweet potato value chain.
Supported local population’s income growth innovatively.