A one-stop shop for all your home renovation and furnishing needs

China has one of the highest rates of homeownership in the world, with more than 90% of households owning their homes. Apartments typically come unfinished and homeowners work with contractors to put the finishing touches on their new homes. However, renovating and furnishing a home can be frustrating due to a lack of DIY home improvement options, lack of professional design support, and poor customer service in the industry.

Zhufaner’s founder, Mr. Xinran Liu, took notice of these pain points. He decided to build a home improvement platform to make the process accessible for the typical Chinese family. The service is an all-in-one retail model with educational social media content, online concierge service and offline in-person support.

The rapid success of Zhufaner’s online business catapulted the company into the realm of e-commerce success. To the delight of customers, Zhufaner opened its flagship store in Beijing in March 2022, making it the first omni-channel, one-stop home decoration and furnishing retailer in China.

Year Invested 2021
Investment Theme Online Brand – home improvement & renovation
Deal type Proprietary


Our focus on the home improvement industry led us to Zhufaner. in Zhufaner, we found a brand with strong potential for growth given its innovative approach to cultivating loyal customers, and its ambitious leadership team. In only a few years, Zhufaner has disrupted the home renovation industry. The company is on a path to revolutionize the home renovation experience for millions of Chinese families and emerge as China’s digital-first Home Depot.


Genbridge was a critical partner in securing Zhufaner’s Series A financing. With our expertise in online retail platforms and our in-depth industry knowledge, the partnership with Mr. Liu was a natural fit. We have since supported the management team to realize their omnichannel retail strategy by launching the first brick and mortar Zhufaner store in Beijing.


As income levels in China rise, consumers are investing their extra money into upgrading their living environment. That means a lot of interest in improving the home – whether through renovation or by upgrading the quality of furnishings. Zhufaner is transforming its category by providing consumers with the expertise they need and a holistic to implement their vision.